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Your purpose is to make a difference in people’s lives, and make good money doing so. 

But up until now, your results have been slower than you wanted, mostly because you’ve unknowingly gotten in your own way. 

One simple decision changes everything... 

You too can become unstoppable and abundant. You can become incredibly confident about taking your gifts to the world and making good money in doing so.
If you know this is you...

The Mindset Retreat is where your big impact (and high quality of life) become your reality.
You too can become Unstoppable and Abundant… 
Even the most confident person you know. 
The Mindset Retreat is for people who want to make a difference. The ones who know in the seat of their soul, that they are here to make a big impact in the lives of their clients...

Money is great, but this is about so much more than money. 

This is THE event that will allow you to step into the greatest version of yourself…

 What others have to say about the Mindset Retreat Virtual Experience…

Boldhearts are inspired business owners willing to do the inner work required to play a bigger game, create a massive impact and shift the way things are, into the way things should be. 

The Mindset Retreat is where we gather, year after year, to make these shifts. To go deeper. To dream bigger. To take the next giant leap...

Your soul is calling you to play a bigger game, to relish in the joy of pleasure, creativity, and fulfillment...
But there are obstacles in your way...
Your fears.

Your beliefs. 

Your ideas about your worthiness, deservingness and capabilities. 
There are too many competing priorities... it can be difficult to decide on which path to take...

Yet, you feel that if you don’t do IT... If you don’t go for this powerful dream that lives in your heart...

And give it everything you’ve got? You’ll have abandoned something essential about yourself. 
Amanda Hinman
"During the event, I received clarity and confidence and since then I have attracted new ideal clients, paying over a 100% increase in fees! 
In addition, I have attracted opportunities to speak in groups over 5 times the size of my previous audiences. I now have a renewed sense of excitement in my business!"
Rebekah Marler
"As a direct result of attending this event, I closed $64,000 in new contracts with 3 new clients whose needs are in alignment with my areas of expertise and passion, and I engaged an existing ideal client in extending his project work with me into a monthly retainer. All of this took place based on my steady, consistent application of the content from the program."
Stephanie Borden
"Since Mindset Retreat I have gained 6 new clients with 4 more potential clients to come. I actually met a potential new client at the retreat, which was completely unexpected. My website is redesigned and I now ASK for business and referrals."
for USA time zones
The Mindset Retreat is where you do the inner work that allows the path to become clear
In fact…

Once you’ve spent 3-days with Fabienne Fredrickson and hundreds of purpose-driven Boldhearts…

…allowing yourself to dream bigger than you’ve ever allowed yourself to dream
…getting those obstacles out of the way
…handling any doubts you have about why you and why now
…connecting to a greater sense of purpose, vision, and mission

You’ll become the unstoppable force of nature that your soul already knows you can be.

You’ll make decisions faster.

You’ll notice opportunities seemingly coming to you “out of the blue.” 

The right clients, team members, and advocates will find their way to you.

What once seemed impossible will become easy as you learn to operate from FAITH, not FEAR.

This is why you come to The Mindset Retreat.
“I come to the Mindset Retreat year after year after year after year. It is my spiritual reset and reminds me to stay connected to my vision, purpose, and confidence. I wouldn’t miss it and you shouldn’t either.”
People look to you for guidance and direction. You’re ready to step up and share your voice and message on a bigger platform.

You cannot hide essential parts of yourself. You see the strength in vulnerability and crave relationships of integrity and honesty. You desire to be seen in a community that holds no judgment. 

You are here to manifest change on the planet through the power of LOVE and know that you can’t do it alone. You yearn to meet others who see the world through this powerful lens. 

You see intersections and possibilities others do not. Your business has a mission to change the world. 

You're a joy-bringer. You love this dance called life. And you literally love to DANCE!

You've done a good deal of personal development already. You are ready to dive deeper into your wisdom so that you can be a more powerful expression of yourself for your business and those you serve. 

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3 Payments of $277
  • Three full days of mind-expanding, life-expanding, love-expanding content.
  • We have a virtual “Mix & Mingle” before the event.
  • Pre-event Mindset Retreat bonus webinar series, to start experiencing the mindset shifts even before you arrive.
  • Pre & Post Event Q&A Coaching Session with Fabienne.
  • Includes the complete video and audio recordings of the entire 3-day virtual experience available to you after the event so you can refer back to the content in case you missed anything.
General Admission
3 Payments of $157
  • Three full days of mind-expanding, life-expanding, love-expanding content.
  • We have a virtual “Mix & Mingle” before the event.
  • Pre-event Mindset Retreat bonus webinar series, to start experiencing the mindset shifts even before you arrive.
  • Pre & Post Event Q&A Coaching Session with Fabienne.
Payment plans available by clicking above…
Payment plans available by clicking above…
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Register for the Mindset Retreat today!
Cancellation Policy
If you find that you are unable to attend the event, please notify us in writing before October 1 to be eligible for a complete refund. After October 1 a credit will be applied toward any future event, program or product for up to one full year from the original event date.

Money Back Guarantee

As an attendee, if for any reason, by the end of the 1st day, you honestly feel I did not deliver on the information promised, just quietly contact my Team and ask for a full 100% refund. We'll happily oblige. (Not applicable for complimentary tickets.)

It's got to be the best step-by-step system you've ever seen for upleveling your mindset, multiplying your income, increasing your confidence and ending your struggle...or I'll pay you your money back. I'm 100% confident that my Mindset Retreat will be the most targeted, most complete, most fun, and most useful event you've ever attended.

You see, I'm THAT confident that nothing out there comes CLOSE to teaching these breakthroughs and the amazing, step-by-step information you're going to discover.

At Boldheart, we’ve been running online virtual online events for over 10 years.

Our Boldheart Conscious Engagement Online philosophy supports you in the following ways:

  • Virtual networking
  • Mix & Mingle online
  • 1:1 virtual conversations
  • ​Breakout sessions
  • ​Online chat
  • ​Interactive Q&A
  • ​Dancing (yes!)
  • ​Easy to use technology
  • ​Downloadable exercises & handouts
  • ​Presentation content

The goal in this virtual gathering

100% engagement online (with your soul) as if we were in the room together.


We have been deconstructing what makes our in-person events so wonderful and are ready to bring each of those aspects to our virtual event, so you miss nothing (even the feeling of love and closeness!)

We are providing the same valuable content, worksheets, paired sharing, time for discussion and Q&A, as well as amazing opportunities to connect and gather as a community to share, support and champion each other (as we do in person).  


  • We live in a society that is increasingly isolated and hides from full engagement online.
  • ​Conversely, we all deeply want to feel closer to others, to be seen for who we are, heard and feel significant, loved.
  • We do that by participating and leaning in, not hiding.
  • Women especially (and men who lead with their hearts) learn better and do more when we feel connected to others when we are sharing in community and we feel supported by others.
  • ​Oxytocin is the love/bonding biochemical. It is released when we hug and look in each others' eyes. It can also be produced online when following a particular protocol that is quickly becoming "The Boldheart Way" of Conscious Engagement Online.
  • ​Not a boring Livestream where we get distracted, but a Lovestream where we feel that it is non-negotiable to attend.  
  • ​We are creating a Connection Culture and this is our Code of Being, how we show up that makes it real.

How we show up fully and consciously engaged    

Our shared goal is Sacred Space, to fully mimic the magic we create together in the room Admittedly, it’s easier to just take a back seat, to hide behind our video being “off” and being muted. But deep down, we crave connection.

To do this, we commit to showing up as adults, being personally responsible for making Conscious Engagement and this community our top priority during our designated time together. 

Conscious Engagement Online

We will provide our Boldheart Conscious Engagement Online Handbook to read through ahead of time.

Fabienne is so looking forward to creating an extraordinary experience with you (as she is masterful at doing). She intends that it will be (almost) as good as if you were in the room sitting next to each other!
Stories from the Mindset Retreat
This Mindset Retreat is a live virtual experience intended for our attendees in United States time zones. Please do not register unless you are committing to attend all the live sessions. We start at 9:00am ET. Sessions are not available for replays and recordings are only provided with the Enhanced Access Package.
Tuesday, October 13 - Thursday, October 15 2020
We will begin promptly at 9:00am ET each day and continue to 6:00pm ET. The retreat will end at the earliest at 6:00pm ET on the final day.
Please do not make plans for the evenings, as event sessions will continue.
Day One
Dream Bigger
  • How to realize you're currently playing too small
  • How to stretch your vision of what's possible for you and your business (and legacy)
  • How to have clarity of intention (instead of being confused about what you want)
  • ​How to discover your life purpose and then align it with your efforts
  • ​How to command abundance into your life
  • ​How to discover your "big why" behind it all and make it come to life
  • ​How to safely stretch your business goals and actually reach them
  • ​How to see the opportunities for growth that are right under your nose
  • ​The formula for instantly manifesting what you want
  • ​Why you don't need to worry about how you'll reach your goals
  • ​The one thing you'll eliminate from your life so you accomplish more
  • ​How to afford anything in your life (today)
for USA time zones
Day Two
Clear and Upgrade
  • ​Why what you want hasn't happened yet
  • ​Why you're actually currently repelling what you say you want
  • ​How to resolve your inner conflicts that are sabotaging your success
  • ​How your mindset actually creates your reality
  • ​The 22 clues that will show you if you're actually attracting what you want
  • ​How to get clear on your money consciousness
  • ​How to determine whether you have an "abundance mentality" or a "lack mentality" and where it came from
  • ​Why having money is good
  • ​How to unearth your core beliefs about money and success (those that either propel you to success or draw you to struggle)
  • ​How to change your beliefs from negative to positive
  • ​Why you are easily capable of greatness, right now
  • ​Why your purpose for being here is much, much bigger than you think
  • ​How to upgrade your self-image and what you believe to be true about yourself
  • ​How to reprogram your definition of how successful you can be
  • ​How to determine which exact fears stop you from being more successful
  • ​How to eliminate fear from your life, immediately
  • ​How to forgive anyone or anything that's happened to you
  • ​The specific and very simple things you unknowingly do to stop abundance from entering your life (and how to stop doing them)
  • ​How to eliminate competition and comparison from your life
  • ​How to no longer be affected by criticism and stop caring what people think of you
for USA time zones
Day Three
Commit to the Vision and Act with Faith
  • ​How to take action on your big goals even if you don't feel like you know enough or aren't qualified yet
  • ​How winners do things differently than others (and what they do that you can model immediately)
  • ​How to become a superstar in anything you want to accomplish
  • ​How to deal with disappointments along the way
  • ​How to get crystal clear direction on what to do next to reach your goal
  • ​How to stop procrastinating, delaying and instead, take immediate and decisive action toward your goals, every time
  • ​How to get past resistance
  • ​How to deal (and get beyond) the fear, doubt and worry that keep you playing small
  • ​Why misfortunes in your life are actually very good
  • ​How to comfortably stretch beyond your existing comfort zone
  • ​How to be courageous in playing a bigger game
  • ​Why you always have a parachute and safety net under you
  • ​How to not get side tracked by negativity
  • ​How to be unwavering in your efforts
  • ​How to achieve anything you set your mind to, without struggle
  • ​How to easily upgrade your everyday reality and quality of life (without draining your bank account)
  • ​How to surrender into your calling and fill your life with meaning and fulfillment
  • ​Why all of this turns on the faucet of abundance in your life so that money flows effortlessly to you
More stories from the Mindset Retreat
for USA time zones
Why should you do everything you can 
to get yourself here? 
I’m going to make two bold statements. 

After more than 20 years of being a student and teacher of human potential, I am more certain than ever that… 
Your results are a direct and indisputable reflection of your inner beliefs. 

Your income and impact are directly correlated to what you believe will (and expect to) happen. 
No joke. 

In fact, I’d lay down my reputation on it. 

Now, your Ego is going to come up with all the reasons NOT to attend… 

The kids. 
The business. 
The timing. 

These very rational excuses are simply your ego doing everything it can to maintain the status quo. That’s its job. 

The only way you break through is to COMMIT to doing whatever it takes to achieve the life and results you want to achieve. 

It’s easy to say “I’m not ready”, or “I’m gonna figure this out on my own”, or “I am not sure if this is exactly right for me”... To bargain with your future, and say, “I’ll do it next time.”

Any resistance that you are experiencing to getting yourself to be with us can also be seen as EVIDENCE that it is time to break through and come. 
for USA time zones
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