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1. YES, I understand that space is limited, so it's important that I check my calendar right now and block the time to attend.

2. YES, I understand that this registration option is first-come, first-served, so it's possible that all the seats will be taken if I don't register soon. I understand that I am not guaranteed a seat unless I register as instructed on this page.

3. YES, I understand that this registration option is only available to certain pre-qualified buyers.

4. YES, please include any and all Mindset Retreat Worksheets at the event. I will receive worksheets so I can follow along and participate with the content and implementation right there at the live retreat. These worksheets will literally hold my hand as I do the work to get the results that I want. Using these worksheets can save years of struggle and effort trying to do the work on my own. I will receive all of these amazing tools that Fabienne personally uses in her own business that I can immediately use and implement in my own business. This includes the famous "The Billionaire Game", "Your Ideal Life", "Your Big Why", "Goal Cards" and "I Am Statements" exercises as well as many more. 

5. YES, I understand I will receive a TON of pre-event bonuses such as bonus training videos, an online Facebook group where I can network and mastermind with attendees before the event even starts and so much more!

6. YES, I understand that after completing my registration I will be given the opportunity to invite my spouse or business/life partner at a reduced tuition of only $495 (About £377 GBP).

7. YES, I understand I'll be sent hotel and logistics information after I register.
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The minute you sign up is the minute your life begins to change. At that point, the universe feels your commitment and rallies around you to make the changes you committed to. And so you will begin seeing little shifts and opportunities show up as soon as you register.
Details at a Glance
Event Dates
Tuesday, May 12 - Thursday, May 14 2020
Tuesday, May 12 , 2020
Thursday, May 14, 2020
We will begin promptly at 8:30 a.m. each day. The retreat will end at the earliest at 6 p.m. on the final day so please plan a departure either on the following day or late in the evening after the event has concluded.
Please do not make plans for the evenings, as the event will be in session.
Here's What You'll Get
 Three full days of mind-expanding, life-expanding, love-expanding content.
 We have a Dance Party the night before the event, with a DJ, dancing and tons of fun.
 Pre-event Mindset Retreat bonus webinar series, to start experiencing the mindset shifts even before you arrive. 
Plus Valuable Bonuses
 A powerful COMMUNITY to engage with… an online Facebook group where I can network and mastermind with attendees before the event
 Pre-event bonus training videos so that you can get into the "vortex" before you get to th event

Your Money Back Guarantee!

If you register and do not attend the event, your $197 seat reservation will not be refunded. Please see further below for our cancelation policy. 

If you find that you are unable to attend the event within 10 days of registering, please notify us in writing to be eligible for a complete refund. After 10 days, a credit will be applied toward any future event, program or product for up to one full year from the original event date.

“"As a result, my business is entering its third year of record growth (we hit a half million in revenue and walked into this year with 75% of that amount already contracted). 

We have the systems and people in place to take us to the seven figure business I've always dreamed of, and we have the support to get us there."”

 — Jenifer Madson

"Since the Mindset Retreat, I launched a new website, developed a new free offer for prospects, started a new mastermind group program for my clients and have written my own book. 

This process woke me up. I am totally committed to the success of my business and will not let doubt or fear stop me from my goals. My advice to anyone considering attending is an absolute YES! This mindset work was a game changer for me and I cannot say enough about the impact it had on my business."

 — Doug Hecker

"After attending the Mindset Retreat last November in Ft Lauderdale, my creativity sky-rocketed. 

I came home and started writing for two hours every morning. In two months I had written my first book."

 — Kathryn Gaertner

"During the event, I received clarity and confidence and since then I have attracted new ideal clients, paying over a 100% increase in fees! 

In addition, I have attracted opportunities to speak in groups over 5 times the size of my previous audiences. I now have a renewed sense of excitement in my business!"

 — Amanda Hinman

"As a direct result of attending this event, I closed $64,000 in new contracts with 3 new clients whose needs are in alignment with my areas of expertise and passion, and I engaged an existing ideal client in extending his project work with me into a monthly retainer. 

All of this took place based on my steady, consistent application of the content from the program."

 — Rebekah Marler